Licensing & Consulting

We provide licensing and consulting services for optimal use of intellectual property and support services for contracts, technical licensing, and technology transfer.

Practice Areas

Supporting all types of technology contracts such as non-disclosure contracts, joint application contracts, co-development and commission of development contracts, right transfer contracts, or coexisting trademark contracts
Activities relating to management of trusts for intellectual property rights
Suggestions and advice for businesses from an intellectual property standpoint
Advice regarding protection and use of intellectual property tailored to small- and medium-size businesses and venture companies
Strategies to anticipate and deal with legal issues concerning IT and Internet businesses
Seminars and lectures


Support of License Negotiations
In order for companies to exploit their intellectual property, strategic commercialization and licensing are crucial. Patent attorneys who are experienced in licensing thoroughly support your contractual negotiations.
Legal and Technical Support for Various Contracts
We provide support for drafting all types of technology contracts considering both legal and technical aspects.
Legal Advice from Attorneys-at-Law
Our three in-house attorneys-at-law provide you with professional legal advice in licensing.

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