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We strive to provide the best legal services and obtain the best results for our clients for all issues related to intellectual property, including IP-related disputes.

Practice Areas

Trials for Invalidation
Post Grant Oppositions
Expert Opinions
Litigation relating to intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and unfair competition


High-Powered Litigation Team
Our patent attorneys can work together with our clients’ preferred counsel to form a powerful joint litigation team, ensuring the most appropriate strategy so as to achieve a favorable outcome.
Legal Advice from Attorneys-at-Law
Our three in-house attorneys-at-law provide you with professional legal advice in litigation.
Patent Attorneys as Technical Experts in Infringement Litigation
In patent infringement litigation, our litigation team formed by attorneys-at-law who are experienced in litigation and our patent attorneys having technical knowledge, assist you in enforcing your intellectual property rights or strongly protecting your business from infringement by competitors.
Preventative Measures to Avoid Litigation
In order to minimize damages from litigation, our patent attorneys and/or attorneys-at-law who are experienced in litigation can provide you with expert opinions when infringement of intellectual property rights is suspected. Our expert opinions are objective conclusions formed by a project team consisting of attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys and technical experts.

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