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SHIGA IP NEWS Vol. 50 (October 2017) highlights the following topics:
Average FA Term is 9.5 Months and Patent Grant Rate is 75.8%
Recent IP High Court Case: Appeal against JPO Trial Decision regarding Support Requirements
JPO Considering Protection of Brand Designs with a View to Design Law Revision
JPO Appeal Decision on Similarity of Services

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SHIGA IP NEWS Backnumbers
Issue Volume Topic
2017-06-01 49 - What Can We Infer from Questionnaires on Our Patent Seminars?
- Handbook for Confidential Information Protection
- Evidence Collection Procedures Initiated by the JPO
- JPO Appeal Decision on Distinctiveness
2017-03-01 48 - IP High Court en banc Decision for Oxaliplatin Case
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Articles and Magazines

Issue Source Title Author
2017-10-01 MIP Tips for using the post-grant opposition system Masayuki Ogura
2015-07-10 Lexology How to Examine “Product-by-Process” Claim in Japan Kentaro Horie
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