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SHIGA IP NEWS Vol. 63 (March 2022) highlights the following topics:
Japan Likely to Consider Secret Patent Non-Disclosure System
Mitsubishi Electric Discloses Their Technology Assets Online Aiming for "Co-Creation" with Other Companies
Nippon Steel Files Patent Infringement Litigation against Toyota and others over Electromagnetic Steel Sheets
Patent Infringement Litigation Case - Court Approved Compensation for Damages Calculated based on Sales of Product with Allegedly Infringing Component
Pfizer Concludes License Agreement with the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) for COVID-19 Therapeutic Medicines

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SHIGA IP NEWS Backnumbers
Issue Volume Topic
2021-11-11 62 - Three Signature Patterns of Costumes in “Demon Slayer” Registered as Trademarks in Japan
- Patent Litigation over Smartphone Game Reaches Settlement for 29 Million Dollars (Nintendo vs. Colopl)
- Release of Case Examples of Design Registrations of Related Designs Pertaining to “Partial Design” and “Whole Design”
- Guidelines for IP Transactions between SMEs and Large Companies
2021-07-15 61 - Bill for Revisions to Japanese Patent Law Approved
- Good News for Patentees! Obtaining Consent from Non-Exclusive Licensees will No Longer be Required
- Amicus Curiae Brief System to be Introduced
- JPO Technical Trend Report: Self-Driving and MaaS
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Articles and Magazines

Issue Source Title Author
2022-01-25 Recent Patent Filing Trends in the Space Industry in Japan
2021-11-18 MIP Analysis of AI-based drug discovery Masato Iida, Ph.D.
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Issue Topic
2019-02-20 Post-Grant Opposition System in Japan
2019-02-12 Overview of Patent Infringement Litigation in Japan
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