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SHIGA IP NEWS Vol. 46 (December 2016) highlights the following topics:
"Timestamp Storage Service" Starting in March 2017
Recent IP High Court Case: Appeal against JPO Trial Decision regarding Amendments Adding New Matter
Number of Post-Grant Oppositions Reaches 1,000

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Issue Volume Topic
2016-05-02 44 - Agreement between Apple and Shimano over International Jurisdiction Judged to be Invalid by Tokyo District Court
- Grand Panel Case of the IP High Court regarding the Doctrine of Equivalents
2016-02-01 43 - Supreme Court Decision on Patent Term Extensions
- How "Prodct-by-Process" Claims are Examined in Japan: Examples of Useful Arguments for Maintaining "Product-by-Process" Claims
- Court Case: Request to Confirm the Absence of the Right to Demand an Injunction in Utility Model Infringement
- Development in Tradmarks and Designs
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Articles and Magazines

Issue Source Title Author
2015-07-10 Lexology How to Examine “Product-by-Process” Claim in Japan Kentaro Horie
2014-07-01 Lexology Recent IP High Court Case: Case for employee’s invention related to tamsulosin hydrochloride (IP High Court Case No. H24 (ne)-10052) Masato Iida
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