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SHIGA IP NEWS Vol. 60 (April 2021) highlights the following topics:
Former Softbank Employee Arrested for Leaking Trade Secrets
Interior/Exterior Design of Buildings to be Protected as Designs
Recent Trends in Quantum Cryptography - Toshiba Venturing into the Field
Abolishment of Handwritten-Signature Requirements for Procedures at the JPO

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Issue Volume Topic
2020-12-01 59 - Survey on Start-ups by the Fair Trade Commission - About 15% of start-ups suffered unfavorable treatment -
- Japanese Companies Lead the World in the Number of Applications for Battery Technology
- On-site Investigation by Experts
- Statistics on Customs Seizures in the First Half of 2020
2020-08-01 58 - IP Trends in Antimicrobial/Disinfection Technology
- Pilot Program of Interactive Oral Proceedings for Patent Invalidation Trials
- Recent IPHC Case: Suit against JPO Trial Decision regarding Inventive Step (Motivation for Applying Secondary Prior Art to Primary Prior Art)
- Japanese Patent Office Obtains Patent Right - System for Searching Patent Documents Using AI
- First Hologram Mark for Alcoholic Beverage Registered at the JPO
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Issue Source Title Author
2021-08-16 Japanese Patents Trends in 2020
2021-06-18 Patent Application Trends of Next Generation Batteries
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Issue Topic
2019-02-20 Post-Grant Opposition System in Japan
2019-02-12 Overview of Patent Infringement Litigation in Japan
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