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SHIGA IP NEWS Vol. 54 (February 2019) highlights the following topics:
Lawsuit Filed against Biosimilars for Usage Patent Related to Breast Cancer
Cup Noodle’s Packaging Registered as Position Mark
JPO Considering Revisions to Japanese Design Law
Number of Accelerated Examinations Exceeds 20,000
JPO Appeal Decision on Judging Similarity of Goods
Implementation of “Fast-Track Trademark Examinations”
“Steak Delivery System” Invention Protected as Patent

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SHIGA IP NEWS Backnumbers
Issue Volume Topic
2018-08-01 53 - Infringement of Extended Patent Right by Generic Drug Not Found
- “Declaration of Design Management” Compiled by JPO Expert Panel Suggests Revisions to Japanese Design Law
- Statistics on Patent Infringement Litigation
- Guide to Licensing Negotiations Involving Standard Essential Patents
2018-06-01 52 - JPO Releases List of Prospective Times to Begin Examination of Unexamined Patent Applications
- Nintendo Files Lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court against COLOPL regarding Popular Smartphone Game
- JPO Appeal Decision on Distinctiveness of a Foreign Word Mark
- Recent IP High Court Case: Suit against JPO Trial Decision regarding Inventive Step (Remarkable Effect)
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Articles and Magazines

Issue Source Title Author
2017-10-01 MIP Tips for using the post-grant opposition system Masayuki Ogura
2015-07-10 Lexology How to Examine “Product-by-Process” Claim in Japan Kentaro Horie
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Practical Tips

Issue Topic
2019-02-20 Post-Grant Opposition System in Japan
2019-02-12 Overview of Patent Infringement Litigation in Japan
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