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SHIGA IP NEWS Vol. 60 (April 2021) highlights the following topics:
Former Softbank Employee Arrested for Leaking Trade Secrets
Interior/Exterior Design of Buildings to be Protected as Designs
Recent Trends in Quantum Cryptography - Toshiba Venturing into the Field
Abolishment of Handwritten-Signature Requirements for Procedures at the JPO

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Issue Volume Topic
2020-03-01 57 - Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Akira Yoshino, Expects Further Technical Developments in Lithium Secondary Batteries
- Patent System in the AI/IoT Era – Seven Cases Being Examined by the JPO –
- Omron Registers 3D Trademark for 3D Shape of Digital Thermometer
- Revisions to the Japanese Design Law Coming into Effect on April 1, 2020
- Intellectual Property and Forefront Technologies behind the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games
2019-02-01 54 - JPO Considering Revisions to Japanese Design Law
- Number of Accelerated Examinations Exceeds 20,000
- JPO Appeal Decision on Judging Similarity of Goods
- Implementation of “Fast-Track Trademark Examinations”
- “Steak Delivery System” Invention Protected as Patent
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Articles and Magazines

Issue Source Title Author
2021-06-14 Revision to the design practice effective on April 1, 2021 Tomohiro Gyoda
2020-08-21 Requirements for Claiming Priority in Japanese Design Applications Koga Abe
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Issue Topic
2019-04-02 Procedures of Hague International Design Applications Designating Japan
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