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SHIGA IP NEWS Vol. 45 (September 2016) highlights the following topics:
2016-09-01 vol. 45
Survey of User Evaluation of Patent, Design, and Trademark Examination Quality
Calculating the Amount of Compensation for Damages based on "Circumstances under Which a Patent Holder, etc. Could Not Have Sold Their Products"
IP Disputes regarding the Doctrine of Equivalents in Japan

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Issue Volume Topic
2016-02-01 43 - Supreme Court Decision on Patent Term Extensions
- How “Product-by-Process” Claims are Examined in Japan: Examples of Useful Arguments for Maintaining “Product-by-Process” Claims
- Court Case: Request to Confirm the Absence of the Right to Demand an Injunction in Utility Model Infringement
- Development in Trademarks and Designs
2013-09-01 36 - Revision of the Examination Guidelines regarding "Requirements for Unity of Invention" and "Amendments which Change the Special Technical Feature (STF) of the Invention"
- Judgments on Similarity of Designs in Japan
- Preservation of Evidence of Alleged Infringing Products
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Issue Source Title Author
2014-07-01 Lexology Judgments on similarity of designs in Japan Satoko Kubo
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