Yuki Komai

Technical Expert

Practice Areas

Physics and Materials Science


Ph.D., Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Japan Women’s University

Professional Background

Japan Women’s University


Y. Komai, S. Anzai, N. Wada, F. Moritsuka, T. Miyazaki, and K. Kodate, “Repetition-Rate-Tunable Terahertz Optical Clock Generation Based on Optical Spectrum Synthesizer Using Attenuation and Phase-Tunable Arrayed Waveguide Grating”, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 46, 5508-5511 (2007)

Dr. Komai specializes in optics. She conducted research on optical spectrum processing with diffractive optical elements (DOEs). DOEs are effective in optical spectrum synthesis, and the range of their applications has been restricted to the field of optical synthesis in the space domain of light, such as a mere substitute for conventional lenses. In her research, original spectrum processing and their applications were studied for the purpose of creating new types of applications for DOE’s in the frequency, time, and space domains.

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