Masayuki Matsuda

Outside Legal Counsel
Patent Attorney
Technical Expert

Practice Areas

IP Legal Services


Chuo University (LL.B., 1973)
Chuo University Graduate School of Law (LL.D., 2006)


Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Major Activities
 Director of Law and Computer Association of Japan (1980-)
 Director of The Copyright Law Association of Japan (1985-)
 Member of Copyright Section Group, Cultural Council, Agency for Cultural Affairs (1993-)
 Professor of Civil Procedures at Legal Training and Research Institute, Supreme Court of Japan
 Member of Operation Committee, Copyright Institute, Copyright Information Center (1999-)
 Member of Investigative Commission for Program Making in Broadband Age, Ministry of Public
Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (2002-)
 Chairman of Legal Training and Research Committee, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2003-)
 Director of Entertainment Lawyers Network (2004-)
 Chairperson of Research Group on Contents Evaluation and Business Models, Agency for Cultural
Affairs (2004-)
 Chairperson of Study Group on Asset Pricing Method for Music Copyright and Funding by Using
Music Copyright, Agency for Cultural Affairs (2005-2006)
 Director (standing in for Chairperson) of Network Distribution and Copyright System Foundation
 Representative of Proposal and Study Group on Japanese Book Search System (the National Diet
Library, The Japan Writers’ Association, Japan Book Publishers Association, and so on) (2009)
 Chairperson of Investigative Commission for Digitization of Publishing Market (2009)

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