New initiative for technology transfer program

New initiative for technology transfer program

SHIGA has just launched a new initiative for a technology transfer program that leverages our broad network across the globe.  We are delighted to act as a catalyst for promoting technology transfer.  The aim of the initiative is to fill the gap between technology creators and technology developers. Technology transfer managers, researchers, and entrepreneurs will be allowed to pitch their technology online in front of an audience of IP and R&D managers.  If any attendee show an interest in the technology, individual meetings can follow to facilitate negotiations for licensing and R&D collaboration opportunities.

Part of the initiative for European SMEs and universities/ research institutes is carried out in conjunction with the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk (herein after “Helpdesk”). SHIGA and the Helpdesk will work together on the new initiative to facilitate partnerships among universities, startups/SMEs, and companies between Japan and Europe.

Please feel free to contact us for further details on how to participate in this initiative (E-mail).

We hope that this new endeavor will facilitate patent utilization across countries.

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