[IMPORTANT] Do Not Miss Deadline 2019 Year End

[IMPORTANT] Do Not Miss Deadline 2019 Year End

Dear Valued Clients:

As you may be aware, the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) is extremely strict about missing statutory deadlines.

In particular, the Non-Extendible deadline for entering a PCT application into the Japanese national phase is 30 months (NOT 31 months) from the earliest priority date. If you miss the deadline even by only one day, the Japanese national phase application will not be entered and there is no means for recovering the application in Japan.

Since holidays in Japan (see below) are quite different from those in other countries (the JPO is open on December 25 (Wednesday) to December 27 (Friday)), please do not forget to request us to nationalize your important PCT application(s) before the start of your local holidays.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at ALP@shigapatent.com.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy your holidays.

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