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All industrial fields have recently been experiencing tremendous growth and diversification rendering them essentially borderless. First-ever fusion between various technologies is actively creating brand-new ideas. We at SHIGA strive to assist our clients in evolving their novel innovations to create new value and also in the development of their business portfolios in the global arena with support from an IP standpoint.

To enhance the services we offer to our clients, special teams consisting of talented and experienced patent attorneys and technical specialists are assembled for each case. We believe that this teamwork augments the assessment of our clients’ IP rights and maximizes their utilization. It is our utmost desire to provide our clients with the highest level of services.

Message from Chairman

SHIGA INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE marked its 50th anniversary in March of 2015 and has embarked on the journey toward its centennial anniversary. As advancement and diversification of technologies and globalization of economies continue to accelerate, the utilization of intellectual property rights takes on a position of greater importance and significance. With our vast range of knowledge and expertise accumulated through tradition and history for over half a century, we, all the members of SHIGA, shall continue to strive to offer unsurpassed services in an effort to maximize the benefits and profits our clients deserve.

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