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Message from Chairman

Since its founding in 1965, Shiga International Patent Office has been dedicated to supporting our clients in the IP world, with great diligence and a commitment to providing superior services. After my 47-year tenure as president, I relinquished my post in 2012 to newly-appointed Sumio Tanai at which time I became chairman. We have grown into one of the leading intellectual property firms in Japan providing comprehensive services encompassing both domestic and international IP matters.

I believe that our remarkable growth is the result of the trust we gained from our clients by adhering to our firm’s founding ideal of “giving the best for our clients”. It is my sincere desire that we make ongoing and steady efforts to contributing to our clients’ IP activities under the leadership of Mr. Tanai for the years to come through the effective use of the knowledge and experience developed throughout the history and tradition of our firm.

– Masatake Shiga, Chairman –

Message from President

I was appointed president of Shiga International Patent Office in 2012 by now chairman and founder and former president, Masatake Shiga.

From the business experience we attained over our long history, we have become well versed in a wide range of technical fields covering various industries, as well as in the different IP practices of many countries. In addition to our Japanese technical experts, we have many from China, Korea, and English-speaking countries who afford us the ability to appropriately handle international matters whether they be questions on foreign patent practice or just language-related issues. We make it our practice to form special teams in order to be capable of responding to our clients’ requests and needs at any time. Our administrative department is proficient in handling international cases bolstered by a strong and reliable deadline management system, and offering prompt responses supported by quality communication. You may rest assured that the obtainment, protection, and enforcement of your IP rights will be secured by our dedicated staff.

We will continue our endeavors to support our clients’ IP activities by means of our founding principle – “giving the best for our clients”. Therefore, we are confident in our ability to provide you with superior services that are unmatched by other firms.

– Sumio Tanai, President –
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